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City of St. Louis Approves the Return of E-Scooters

The City of St. Louis approved the proposal worked on in part by the CMC’s Micro Mobility Subcommittee (read more here) with some additional restrictions:

  • An age restriction on scooters, only allowing those older than 18 to ride them

  • A curfew from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. where scooters will not turn on

  • Slower max speeds of 10-to-12 miles per hour based on location

  • And a cap of 1,500 total scooters for the city

KMOV4 interviewed the CMC’s new Co-Chair, Christie Holland, on what the return of e-scooters and the new restrictions mean for non-auto travel in St. Louis. Click here to read about her interview and others.

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