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Voting Members of the CMC

The CMC consists of 31 voting members, but our meetings are also open to the public for general comment and input. Any member of the public can be a non-voting member of the CMC, attend meetings, and participate in sub-committees. Interested parties can apply to become a voting member of the CMC by completing the membership application

Voting Members

Judith Arnold

Denis Beganovic

Aubrey Byron - Co-Chair

Francesca DeRanzo

Noah Hart

Christie Holland - Co-Chair

Kevin B. McKinney, St. Louis Association of Community Organizations

Kaleena Menke

Matt Wyczalkowski

Mike Ridenhour

Tiffanie Stanfield, Fighting H.A.R.D (Hit and Run Driving)

Seeyoon Choi

Kea Wilson

City of St. Louis Staff Liaisons

Andrew Lackey – City of St. Louis Office of the Disabled

John Kohler - City of St. Louis Board of Public Service

Grace Kyung - Mayor's Office

Scott Ogilvie - City of St. Louis Planning and Urban Design

Jamie Wilson - Commissioner of Traffic

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