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Join a subcommittee

Learn more about our current subcommittees and their goals. Voting and non-voting members are invited to participate in subcommittees.


This subcommittee is focused on reaching and engaging the people of St. Louis, and ensuring their voice is heard as transportation decisions are made.

Charles Bryson -
Dawn Walter - 

Open Spaces

This subcommittee is looking at ways to expand space for foot and bike traffic through closed neighborhood streets, street parking in commercial areas, and park roads.

Sam McCory -

Traffic Calming

This subcommittee advocates for research based traffic calming implementations in St. Louis communities.

Bryce Monser -

Micro Mobility

This subcommittee is looking at the options for and use of scooters, bicycles, and other shared micromobility devices in St. Louis.

Jacque Knight -

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