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CMC Positions and Letters

The links below are letters and documents that have been approved as official Community Mobility Committee positions by the Voting Members of the committee. 


Letter sent to Mayor Jones, President Green, and the Board of Aldermen, calling for a city-wide speed limit reduction. 



Testimony provided to the Committee of the Whole on Rams Settlement Funds by Liz Kramer.


Urgent Call for Collaborative Action: Addressing Traffic Violence for a Safer St. Louis, sent to City of St. Louis leaders.


Community Mobility Committee Pillars for 2024, guiding the approach and direction for the work of the CMC.


Letter sent to the Public Utilities and Infrastructure Committee regarding Board Bills 105 and 106, which address Automated Enforcement. 


Letter sent to Taulby Roach and Charles Stewart at Bi-State Development Agency regarding shorter MetroLink trains.


Letter sent to President Green regarding the use of the Rams settlement money for mobility priorities.


Letter sent as written testimony to the Transportation and Commerce Committee of the Board of Alderman, with the letter sent to Bi-State on 6.15.2023 included as an attachment.


Letter sent to Taulby Roach and Charles Stewart at Bi-State Development Agency regarding the recent cuts to MetroBus service. Response received 6.30.2023


Follow-up letter sent to Grace Kyung and Scott Ogilvie outlining requests for the City's upcoming mobility plan.


Letter sent to Metro St. Louis outlining points from members about MetroLink expansion and MetroBus service. 


Letter sent to Governor Parsons supporting Senate Bill 398, hands-free legislation.  


Letter sent to members of the St. Louis County Council opposing Bill 86, banning pedestrians in the street.


Testimony delivered in public hearing on the FY23 budget to the Board of Estimate & Apportionment by Liz Kramer.


Letter to Mayor Jones, President Green, and Comptroller Green outlining requests for the FY2023 budget.


Written testimony supporting SB56, prohibiting use of electronic communications while operating a vehicle to the Special Committee on Public Policy, Missouri Senate. 


Request for continued and increased state funding for public transportation, sent to State Senate Appropriations Committee & St. Louis Senators. 


Follow-up to Mayor Jones regarding letter of support provided by Co-Chairs for federal Community Project Funds.


Remarks given at the signing of Board Bill 120, addressing recent traffic violence.


Letter to Mayor Jones supporting the updated micromobility permit and addressing recent traffic violence.


Letter to Mayor Jones, Alderman Bosley, and members of the HUDZ committee following up on BB120, allocating ARPA funding.

2022 letters


Letter regarding recent and on-ongoing traffic deaths and injuries requesting a comprehensive set of changes. Sent to regional officials and media.


Public comment on National Highway Traffic Safety Administration updates to New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). Sent to US Department of Transportation.


Letter asking for consideration of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to be utilized for comprehensive improvements to streets. Sent to Mayor Jones. 

Letter of support for Resolution Number 178, amending the Board of Aldermen rules to preclude members from voting or being counted present at a meeting when driving a vehicle. Sent to Engrossment, Rules, Resolutions, and Credential Committee.

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