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CMC Subcommittee Works with City on Micromobility Permit Policies

Updated: Feb 25

The CMC's Micromobility Subcommittee partnered with the Office of the Mayor and the Office of Planning & Urban Design to update the permit for operating shared micromobility devices city-wide. The permit will go before the Board of Public Service for review the first week of January. If approved, e-scooters and bikes will return to Downtown in 2023.

New permit policies include:

  • Reducing e-scooter speed to 12 MPH citywide and 10 MPH in some commercial zones and parks

  • No “group ride” feature by limiting users to one unlocked scooter per account

  • Age restrictions to prevent those 18 and under from unlocking vehicles

  • Enhanced accessibility rules, including additional regulations and clarification on scooter staging and parking

  • Smaller total fleet size, from 2,500 to 1,500, with neighborhood-by-neighborhood caps on vehicles

These small mobility devices are a critical component of St. Louis' transportation network and provide more options for everyone to travel around the city. The CMC looks forward to the successful re-launch of these devices under this new permit and the continued chance to enhance and update micromobility policies in the City of St. Louis.

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