What is a Walk Audit?

Walk audits are a great tool for the community to gather information about street and sidewalk conditions. Participants go for a walk and note if they feel comfortable doing so and what can be improved such as the sidewalks, intersections, lighting, and landscaping. In the past, walk audits have been completed with pen and paper, but more and more organizations like the Community Mobility Committee are starting to use apps.

Over the past few months, members of the Community Mobility Committee have helped the City of St. Louis with its ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan by completing walk audits. The CMC has worked to create an audit tool that anyone with a smartphone can use to document the conditions and experience of sidewalks across the City of St. Louis. You can access the tool and instructions here.

Two people stand outside along a street with a street sign indicating no parking and a one-way sign. Both people have colored ropes they are holding.