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Letter to Mayor Jones RE: St. Louis Should Invest $40M for Safer Streets

Dear Mayor Jones,

We are incredibly heartened to see your letter in the Riverfront Times on Wednesday, October

5th, and to hear from your staff at the public meeting held on Monday, October 3rd. What we

heard was a clear acknowledgement that our current system is not working and is risking the

lives and well-being of residents and visitors to St. Louis. What we heard was an

acknowledgement that we must shift gears as a city. What we heard was a commitment to lead:

by proposing funding, fostering collaboration, and mandating accountability. We are reminded

that this commitment is urgent, particularly by the tragic death of a woman on Gravois at Spring

on Sunday evening, and the many others injured and killed by traffic violence in St. Louis.

The experience of safely biking, walking, rolling, or scooting is in the details: the angle of the

curb, the shade of the trees, or the separation from automobiles. Similarly, the fulfillment of your

commitments will be in the details. As Chief of Staff Boyd said on Monday, we believe that the

city can run and chew gum at the same time. We can develop a long-term, sustainable plan that

comprehensively addresses our transportation network, while also addressing the urgent and

immediate crisis on our streets, utilizing the relevant and existing plans and studies that have

been conducted over many years, such as the Downtown St. Louis Transportation Study. We

can address infrastructure, while also expanding education and advancing equitable

enforcement. For this effort to be a success, we expect to see full implementation of this plan,

including consistent, long-term funding, evaluation, and maintenance.

We look forward to working with your staff in Streets, the Board of Public Service, Planning and

Urban Design, the Office for the Disabled, and your own team over the months and years

ahead. Please call on us, and all the residents of St. Louis, to inform your next steps.

Thank you,

The Voting Members of the Community Mobility Committee

Aamna Anwer

Denis Beganovic

Matt Bernstine

Stephen Jung

Liz Kramer, chair

Taylor March, vice chair

Wendy McDaniel

Kevin McKinney

Kaleena Menke

Michael Ridenhour

Tiffanie Stanfield

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