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How it Works: Citizens' Service Bureau & Neighborhood Stabilization Officers

Updated: Feb 25

Have you ever noticed an overflowing city trash can, damaged street light, or high grass on an empty lot, but didn’t know who to tell within city government? You would be looking for the Citizens’ Service Bureau (CSB). The CSB exists to register service requests from residents and route them to the correct department so they can be handled in an effective and timely manner. There are four ways to reach the CSB:

1) Chat live with a CSB representative

2) Submit a request online

3) Call (314) 622-4800

4) Tweet @stlcsb

After submitting a CSB request, it is best practice to email your Neighborhood Improvement Specialist (NIS) with a summary of the issue and the request number provided by the CSB. A NIS serves in a similar capacity to the CSB but is designated to handle requests within certain sections of the city. In a way, they serve as a project manager and are a great resource to contact about improving your neighborhood. You can find the NIS for your area, ward, and neighborhood here.

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