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DIY Advocacy Resources Pt. 2: Resources for Action

Trailnet's Pop-Up Traffic Calming Guidebook

One of the many ways residents and neighborhoods can quickly and cheaply improve safety for people walking and biking is by conducting pop-up traffic calming demonstrations. This guide, developed by Trailnet, shares resources, tools, and offers step-by-step support on how to implement a successful pop-up traffic calming demonstration. The guide goes through steps like: initial planning and engagement, developing site plans, gathering data, and other necessary steps. This tool is supplemented by Missouri’s Traffic Calming Lending Libraries, which is a resource for parties interested in conducting traffic calming demonstrations to rent and use materials like cones, tires, reflective tape, paint, flowers, etc for their traffic calming demonstration.

Tactical Urbanism Materials Guide

The Tactical Urbanism Materials Guide is a booklet and online resources for people and groups to use low-cost materials and flexible approaches to experiment with and gather community input on potential public space design changes. Tactical urbanism is sometimes called guerrilla urbanism, pop-up urbanism, or Do It Yourself urbanism.This guide is very DIY and includes a list of different tools, materials and ways for communities to lead their own projects.

NACTO City Limits

The NACTO City Limits document is intended to provide city governments with guidance on how to strategically set speed limits on urban streets using an approach that prioritizes safety and the overall goal of reducing traffic fatalities and injuries. The document specifically offers guidance on 1) setting default speed limits on many streets at once 2) designating slow zones in sensitive areas and 3) setting corridor speed limits on high priority major streets.

NACTO Urban Street Design Guide

The NACTO Urban Street Design Guide lists tools and tactics for cities to make streets safer, more livable, and more economically vibrant. The guide outlines a clear vision for streets that serve all people and a basic road map for how to bring them to fruition. NACTO (National Association of City Transportation Officials) is a coalition of major cities and transit agencies focused on exchanging transportation ideas and addressing transportation issues.


StreetMix is an online tool that allows anyone to visualize and experiment with the layout of any street. It allows users to take a cross-section of a road and add bike paths, widen sidewalks or traffic lanes. StreetMix is free to use but you have to create an account to use all the features.

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